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Fly fishing for salmon and steelhead in the surface is probably the most exciting sport humans can venture into – This form of fly fishing has become increasingly popular through the last 60 years – but anglers have most likely been fishing steelhead and salmon on the top since the birth of fly fishing

We collect information about our sport – and design some of the best flies for the job



On the Fishmadman site we will try to highlight the essences of surface fly fishing. We hope to do so by showing you technique, know-how and some of the many fascinating flies made for our sport.


Dry fly – Wake fly – Skaters – Riffling Hitch fly tied on tube will give you a feather light solution that stays on top and perform better than most of their counterparts tied on long shank hooks. We have multiple pages on Fishmadman showing you how to do such tube flies


During summer we stay at salmon rivers in Norway – and when the conditions are right we will tie on a dry fly like a salmon Bomber. On our pages you will find Bombers literally cut into shape at the river bank.

Just like we make flies tuned to the rivers we fish – other anglers will have made trout and salmon Bombers honed just for their district, river and even special pools – We try continuously to collect this information and publish it on our pages and blog. Read more


Our Bomber dry flies is tied on tube. A design we developed in 1995 and still work to refine and perfect. On our pages you will find thorough illustration that could aide you to develop your own surface flies tied on tube. Read more


Riffling Hitch as a technique emerged during almost a century of fly fishing traditions. Allegedly the method was generate as a coincidence, by Canadian`s – who in Victorian days would have recycled damaged gut-eye flies and tied them directly to the leaders using a series of hitches – Herby the fly could have trailed to the surface creating the all important Riffling Hitch wake.

We as many other European angler will tie Riffling Hitch flies on tube and on our pages you will find special Riffling Hitch and wake flies done on our Riffling Hitch tube design – See the comprehensive pages on How-to work with tube flies on the surface. Read more


The tube fly have been part of the European fly box since the 1940´s and anglers have ever sins been developing fly patterns on tube that would suite different rivers and seasons. A fly tied on a tube could look and work like any other fly tied on a single salmon hook – But it can also be

something completely different – with abilities that goes beyond any fly you have tried… tap into our wast knowledge base on tube fly know-how – and get another Ace on your hand.


Passion & curiosity for flies and fishing is what determines our editorial line on Fishmadman – and we have collected some of the most interesting flies on our page: Flies like General Practitioner, Brooks Sunray Shadow, Collie Dog, The Frances Fly and a Micro Conehead fly like the Kinnaber Killer.

Dry fly regards

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The Collie Dog fly - Famous salmon fly from the late 18 century
Collie Dog fly The Collie Dog fly and Brooks Sunray shadow is found in the hall of fame of salmon flies. The Collie dog is originally a Scottish fly from the late 18´century. It was probably one of...
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Sunray Shadow zebra a big tube fly
Sunray Shadow Story Read the fascinating story about late British salmon angler Mr. Raymond  Brooks and how he through ingenuity and dedication to salmon fly fishing came to make the most famous...
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squirrel for riffling hitch flies
The squirrel`s: A large family of rodents divided into five subfamilies, with about 58 genera and some 285 species. - Some like the Eastern Grey Squirrel  and the Pine squirrel  have long been...
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tube fly
Tube fly for difficult situations As I write this post I have just returned from a evenings fishing at the mouth of the river where I fish - Salmon had just entered on the 6 o'clock tide and as...
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tube fly from Japan
Beautiful tube flies from Japan Flies tied by Mr. Tokushi Yun...   We have the rare opportunity to share some beautiful fly patterns from Japanese blogger and fly-fisher Tokushi Yun......
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the yellow dolly tube fly

The Yellow Dolly

The Yellow Dolly is a essential fly in the world of modern surface tube flies - Read our latest Newsletter on the subject.
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