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Fishmadman Newsletter is a publication on surface fishing for Atlantic salmon and various trout, read by many 100´s anglers across the Northern Hemisphere and in Tierra del Fuego – Australia and Japan… We try to make a letter worth your time – and our personal interest in top water fishing is what determines the editorial tendency`s

Our newsletter will arrive at your mailbox 3 – 6 times during the season depending much on what interesting stuff we can find for you…

Write to us

Write to us if you have something that you would like to share with our community or you want us to look into an aspect of our sport – make a review on a book etc. Contact us


Read in Scandinavian – læs på skandinavisk.

Fishmadman Newsletterdkno

Nyhedsbrevet på skandinavisk… Vi sender også nyhedsbrevet på dansk (Skandinavisk) – Du kan bestille det når (nâr) du melder dig til – Du kan også finde tidligere udgaver af nyhedsbrevet her… De befinder sig under de Engelske udgaver du finder til højre på siden…klik blot på den udgave, du vil se, og der vil være en Skandinavisk udgave til rådighed på den pågældende side..


A few words on privacy: Fishmadman respects your privacy. We will not sell, share, rent, or lease any portion of our mailing list or customer e-mail addresses to other institutions, shops, magazines etc. In short, you will not receive spam, junk mail, or telemarketing calls as a result of entering your information on our site.  We use the information you provide us with to get you facts and stories like our Newsletter – or send you things you have bought from us. If you sign up for our Newsletter – You will always be able to unsubscribe from this letter by clicking on the unsubscribe link that is in each and every Newsletter.

Kind regards Fishmadman team



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Check out a few of the letters here

Newsletter June 2020 – Knot for up-eye hook flies

Fishmadman newsletter June 2020             Thank you... Hello, fellow anglers we wanted to write to you before summer begins. It has been a tough time for our small company during Corona - We and our…

Newsletter April 2020 – treble hook flies – Soldier Palmer – a knot for shooting head line

Dear topwater anglers…Spring is already here and I and many of you are locked down…iiikkkes I personally look forward to the upcoming season and I am sure we will all be able to get out and enjoy fishing sometime very…

Leaders for riffling hitch and dry fly fishing – Newsletter February 2019

Dear topwater anglers…It has regrettably been some time since we wrote you last time… I have been afflicted by repetitive strain injury caused by the usage of my computer - a modern day "workplace injury” one could say. We have…

How to fish Micro Frances Coneheads – Newsletter June 2018

Dear Flyfisher! Welcome to another newsletter from us at Fishmadman. Summers salmon season is on the go and a long cold spring still linger on in the very north of Scandinavia … but soon the river will be ready for…

What salmon eat in the sea – Newsletter June 2015

Hello fly fisherman and welcome to another Fishmadman newsletter This time we are proud to present something quite unique. Dry fly regards from Per & Jesper We took the time to collect images and information on the food Atlantic salmon…

Newsletter Januar 2015 – Mice Fly

Dear Flyfisher: Welcome to yet another newsletter from Fishmadman - We have come to the beginning of a new season for Atlantic Salmon - and steelhead Season 2014 was not a very god year for the Atlantic salmon - and many concerning…

Newsletter May 2013 – Derek Knowles

Dear Flyfisher: Welcome to yet another newsletter from us at Fishmadman. Summers salmon season is right at the door and already river temperatures here in Denmark and southern Sweden is up and above 12 degrees Celsius or 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit…

Sea trout tube fly Newsletter February 2014

Dear flyfisherman The vision behind Fishmadman is to develop fly fishing for salmon and trout while collecting interesting information and historical benchmarks on our sport. This time we have the pleasure of showing you some of the latest and one…

Snell`s Window Newsletter January 2013

Snell`s Window:  3D animation by Mikkel Strøbech... Bill Bryden from Newfoundland on advice and practical details that help you hook up with salmon and trout on dry fly Snell`s WindowSnell`s Window is a technical term that describes the way an…

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