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Riffling Hitch at Exploits river
  • The Surffilauta fly done as tube fly
  • The Pompero salmon dry fly
  • Salmon season in Denmark
  • New things in the FISHMADMAN shop
The Surffilauta tied as tube fly

The Surffilauta tied as a tube fly

Anglers from Finland have great opportunities to fish with fly for trout and salmon – and a range of super flies and fly tier’s come out of Finland.

One of these flies is the Surffilauta or The Surfboard as we have learned to call it – This highly efficient wake fly is designed by renowned angler and sportswriter Mr. Pertti Kanerva in 1996… We have worked together with Pertti to make a version of his famous Surfboard fly tied on our 1.8 millimeter Hard tube.

Below you will find ideas on how to transform this and other top water flies to tube fly versions

The Surffilauta one of the best known top water flies in Scandinavia – Super slick design that will appeal to greedy pikes – salmon and trout…and probably a lot of fast swimming critters to

You will need :

  • Foam
  • Silver tinsel
  • A medium size Eye
  • 1.8 millimeter hard tube
  • Hook guard

The Surffilauta as tube fly

How to tie The Surffilauta as a tube fly
Heat the tube at the rear end – Position the Hook guard over the rear of the tube

The Surffilauta on tube 3

Tie in the foam pointing backwards

The Surffilauta on tube 5

We have tried to shape the foam-top to get a fish-shaped silhouette

The Surffilauta on tube2

Tie down the hook-guard – And a tail of tinsel

(The green nylon sticking out in the front is fixed on the head of the tube fly needle to wedge the tube)

The Surffilauta on tube 4

Wind a body of tinsel – Take the layer of foam forward and tie it down as seen on photo


Finish of with the eye – Make sure to glue the eye on with super-glue – Find suitable short shank carp hook. See our range of tube fly hooks

Perhokalastus Pertti KanervaNew book on fly fishing from Mr. Pertti Kanerva

Mr. Pertti Kanerva is a very productive Finnish writer with a long career and many publications behind him.
This the latest (written in Finnish) is a detailed book on fly fishing and fly tying –
We’r looking forward one day seeing some of Pertti’s books done in English…

Buy the latest book here

The Pompero salmon dry fly

The Pompero fly

The Pompero fly is a classic in the world of Scandinavian salmon dry flies. It was designed in 1976 by Finnish angler Heikki Anttonen – who is known as a superior fly tier and salmon dry fly angler. Here two Pompero flies in attractive colors – Note the wide solid – cut – fan-wing.

This spring Fishmadman had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Anttonen in Finland – Read the story about the world of Mr. Anttonen here on Fishmadman

The Pompero fly

Grey, olive, greenish colors, a dens hackle, a cigar-shaped body made of polypropylene yarn and wing and tail made from calf tail makes this floating classic a top choice for the angler pursuing salmon in the rivers of Northern Norway. Mr. Anttonen ties the Pompero fly in several sizes but favor the smaller versions during the Nordic summer…

Visit Mr. Heikki Anttonen on his own page here


Caught on General Practitioner fly

Salmon season has just started in Denmark

Some of the best salmon fishing available in early spring and long into the summer can be found in Denmark.

Salmon from the month of May from the Danish Skjern River – Caught on A polar bear General Practitioner

On the west coast of Denmark – In Jutland, rivers like the Skjern River, Stor Åen and the Guden Åen give anglers an opportunity to start the salmon season early.

As the spring and winter has been cold and dry in 2012-13 – salmon is just starting to run the rivers of western Denmark..

  • Follow the statistics of the Skjern River Here
  • Book guide Heine Lund Fausing for a guided tour at the Skjern River
  • To write Heine directly:
  • See a small Youtube on the biggest this year (so far) from the Stor Å Look here


 Practitioner flies

General Practitioner Fishmadman way

We did what many of you asked us to do and made a selection of High-end General Practitioner flies. Using polar bear hair * seals fur and Whiting Spey hackle. Tied on superior Japan and Mustad hook, in two sizes # 4 and 6

Buy while stock last

Riffling Hitch tube fly

Riffling Hitch tube fly

We have done a large range of Riffling Hitch tube flies for season 2013 See them in the shop

Sunray Zebra Shadow

Sunray Shadow fly tying

We have topped-up our stock with Sunray Zebra Shadow and made New colors Check out the Sunray Zebra Shadow here

Zebra Shadow tube fly

Zebra Sunray Shadow

We did what our Newsletter readers asked for and made a series of Zebra Shadow flies in big and small – Buy while stock last..


Waddington Garry dog salmon fly
Read about the Waddington shanks – a super solution for salmon anglers

We will try to sort out the size puzzle of tube fly inch versus hook # size

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