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Jan Harry Årsen Fishmadman 2012

+ 30 lb. salmon caught on High VIZ. Green Tube Bomber

Norwegian fly fisherman Mr Jan Harry Åsen  caught this wonderful + 14 kilo (+ 30 lb.) Atlantic salmon on one of our Big Tube Bombers.

Jan Harry wrote us: “Fish jumped right out of the water to grab the big Bright Green Tube Bomber …from above” The salmon was caught in the fantastic Lakselv River in the very north of Norway August 2012. A sight only a few get to see – and very rarely with such big fish – that tends to stay below the surface Conditions at the Lakselv River was cloudy. water temperature 11 degrees Celsius (51.8 degrees Fahrenheit) Hook used: Owner STN-36BC Treble # 8 and a 0.38-millimetre tippet


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