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Squirrel tail – Made for Riffling Hitch flies

Pine Squirrel - Bill BrydenThe squirrel`s: A large family of rodents divided into five subfamilies, with about 58 genera and some 285 species. – Some like the Eastern Grey Squirrel  and the Pine squirrel  have long been known as top fly tying material, and hair from these animal is found in 1000´s of known fly patterns across the world. The Eastern Grey Squirrel is an absolute favourite material in our fly tying shop… and we buy squirrel selected tails from these animals in the UK by the doz..

Photo right: Pine Squirrel by Mr. Bill Bryden

The Eastern Grey Squirrel was  introduced to Britain, many years ago where it has spread across the country and has largely displaced the native Red squirrel  Wherefore it is considered a pest animal by most Brittain’s..

Finding the right material for Riffling Hitch flies is important. The wake of the Riffling Hitch fly might be the key point – But the fly and the way it is built is what generate the wake.

Take time to select the perfect squirrel tail

We buy many tails to be able to select the best possible tails for our V-FLY´s we want a squirrel tail with thin hair as we have found that flies tied from this hair has superior fishing-abilities when hitching for Atlantic salmon…

Riffling hitch fly tyingWe are proud to offer specially selected Silver tip squirrel tails (Eastern Grey squirrel)

We have been scouting for a supplier of silver tip tails that we could trust to harvest the tails when the hairs had the right texture..

We managed to find a Game Warden in the UK that knew what we was looking for –

Richard – Who is a salmon and trout angler – promised to help us with our very special project.

Setting traps for squirrels is part of Richards daytime job – and doing so in the right time of year we have managed to secure a small stock of these first-rate Riffling Hitch tails.

Buy tails from us

Barred Brown Squirrel tail – Small Pine Squirrel

We have currently a small selection of tiny Pine Squirrel tails – Take the rare opportunity to buy a perfect squirrel tail for your riffling hitch and other micro tube flies

Find them here

Pine squirrel for salmon flies

Russian Flying SquirrelRussian Flying Squirrel

An absolutely small squirrel tail – and very hard to find – Some of the finest fly tying material we ever have seen.

Siberian Pygmy SquirrelSiberian Pygmy Squirrel

The smallest squirrel we have ever seen – and some of the finest hair we have ever come across – Most  likely not your everyday roadkill fly tying material

Himalayan SquirrelHimalayan  Squirrel

Rare squirrel material quite close to its cousin the small pine squirrel

Chinese Pine SquirrelChinese Pine Squirrel

Similar to its US cousin but much softer – A really nice tail for small and medium salmon flies

Dark Russian SquirrelDark Russian Squirrel

A superior fly tying material for both big and small salmon and steelhead flies… Difficult to find

See much more on riffling Hitch

Jesper Fohrmann

Jesper is the chief designer and fly tier at Fishmadman - He also does most of our writing on the Fishmadman pages and Newsletter

Top-water fishing is his sport and as an outdoor writer he has been writing articles on this subject in magazines and books in Europa and North America sins the early 80´s.

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