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The Collie Dog

The Collie Dog

Collie Dog fly

The Collie Dog fly and Brooks Sunray shadow is found in the hall of fame of salmon flies. The Collie dog is originally a Scottish fly from the late 18´century. It was probably one of the very – if not the first hair-wing salmon fly ever to be made, and it was most likely tied with hair from a dog like the Border collie.

Sunray Shadow tube fly

Here a set of original Sunray Shadow flies as they where presented and sold in shops in Europa in the 80´s

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Jesper Fohrmann

Jesper is chief designer and fly tier at Fishmadman - He also does most of our writing on the Fishmadman pages and Newsletter

Top water fishing is his sport and as an outdoor writer he has been writing articles on this subject in magazines and books in Europa and North America sins the early 80´s.

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