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Steelhead Wake Fly

The FlashBack Bug Steelhead Wake Fly

Juvenile Steelhead and Atlantic salmon parr are skilled surface hunters that have their attention fixed to the surface as soon as insects start swarming at the river bank.

Millions of years training have made them to what they are and it is when conditions are perfect that they take full advantage of the food on the surface…It seems like the temperature in river and air is a key element in their surface activity – something we as anglers will experience when we target the adult fish entering the river.

Traditionally anglers target steelhead on the surface of the river during summer and right into late autumn – Many different wake fly patterns has been designed for this highly specialized sport that draws anglers deep into the wilderness of Oregon and British Columbia. Many patterns are designed to wake in a subtle way others is made to be fished more active.

Rivers are turbulent and the light low – And it can be a challenge just to spot the fly on the river surface so we decided to make some visible wake flies.

Anglers have been fishing this new steelhead wake fly pattern on different rivers in British Columbia and Oregon season 2014 – 15 –  and the results have been great. We call this tube fly The FlashBack Bug

We have tied the fly in 3 sizes similar to flies tied on # 1 – 4 – 8 hooks
It features our Riffling Hitch tube system and the fly wakes perfectly in the rough and calm water.

Photo: Mr. Loren Irving

iridescent foam makes the fly shows up out on the river

We have combined some of the favored steelhead wake fly patterns in the design of the FlashBack Bug and used some of the best fly tying material available to create a wake fly that would perform perfectly.

The iridescent foam used as back on the fly reflects the light and makes the fly glow upon the river even in poorly light conditions.

iridescent foam from Fishmadman

What is iridescent?

Photo © of iridescent snake Mr. Marc A. Spataro

Iridescent: Opalescent, shimmering, luminous, glittering, sparkling, dazzling, shining, gleaming, kaleidoscopic, rainbow-colored –

We have many words for this highly attractive looking material that we find with animals on land and in water –

Iridescence (also known as goniochromism) is the property of certain surfaces that appear to change color as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes. It is often created by structural coloration

We have combined the iridescent colors with soft 2-millimeter sheets of black EVA foam to create this great looking fly tying material

Learn how to tie the FlashBack Bug

Wake fly - how to do it

You will find most of the material needed to tie the FlashBack Bug in our shop a.o the special Iridescent foam we produce, John Rohmer’s Simi-Seal Dubbing in color Mörrum, Canadian Orange   and our fantastic 3.2 Riffling Hitch tube used on all our steelhead wake flies

The FlashBack Bug on Youtube

Visit our big page on steelhead wake flies Grease Liner Medium Canadian Orange

Jesper Fohrmann

Jesper is the chief designer and fly tier at Fishmadman - He also does most of our writing on the Fishmadman pages and Newsletter

Top-water fishing is his sport and as an outdoor writer he has been writing articles on this subject in magazines and books in Europa and North America sins the early 80´s.

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