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General Practitioner Fly

salmon fly in red

How does the salmon see our fly ? – Learn about the psychical dynamics in the Atlantic salmon and why it might react to a particular colour salmon fly

Why is a red salmon fly better at the end of the season ?

caught on General Practitioner salmon flyDuring the life of a salmon it will travel between two very different worlds. Worlds with colors and images so divergent that it has developed extraordinary abilities to cope with the change of scene.

The eye of the salmon changes physically so the fish is able to view different colors *  – best as possible (* colors being technically explained as:  different wavelengths of light)

When staying in the river as parr the eyes will be set on: light with long wavelength. This would be colors in the orange – brown tone

In early spring when the time has come for the salmon parr to journey to the feeding grounds at high sea, the endocrine system glands will produce a new pigment for the eye. This will enable the salmon to focus on light with short wavelength like; green and bluish colors… Quite handy ! as these are the colors that prey like: sand-eels, sprat and herring has incorporated in their colouration, to hide and blend into the sea-world.

Upon returning to the river to spawn the fresh silver salmon may actually still have their eye structure set to sea life setting – and often he will be interested in a salmon fly with blue & green colors… Some of them will be so greedy that they will hit any colour salmon fly but that is another story… Never the less ! The endocrine glands will gradually produce another pigment that will transform green and blue salmon flythe eye back to its original freshwater setting – with abilities to focus on red, orange and brown colors – Something also reflected in the colors of the skin pigmentation. The many patterns in brown, orange and red seen on male salmon – is not just eye candy brought on for the sake women – They are fully lid warning posters to rivalling male salmon.

Jesper Fohrmann

Jesper is the chief designer and fly tier at Fishmadman - He also does most of our writing on the Fishmadman pages and Newsletter

Top-water fishing is his sport and as an outdoor writer he has been writing articles on this subject in magazines and books in Europa and North America sins the early 80´s.

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