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Riffling hitch origion in Europa

Dear Flyfisher: Welcome to yet another newsletter from us at Fishmadman.
Summers salmon season is right at the door and already river temperatures here in Denmark and southern Sweden is up and above 12 degrees Celsius or 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit A magical moment in the world of Atlantic salmon and the time to get your riffling hitch flies ready…

This time we have the true pleasure of showing you one famous top water fly from Derek Knowles one of the men who pioneered the world of tiny wake flies tied on tube – Some newly designed “Scandinavian” colors of John Rohmer´s Semi Seal dubbing. A superior fly tying book from Italy + a special Newsletter bonus to take you into summer salmon fishing

Very tight lines from Jesper & Per

derek knowles riffling hitchThe wake-tube derrek knowles Salmon on a dry flypioneer Mr. Derek Knowles

In 1987 UK angler and author Derek Knowles wrote a very interesting book on his salmon fishing with dry flies and small tube flies. The book was called Salmon on a Dry Fly and it showed a generation of anglers new ways to make efficient patterns for surface fishing.

Mr. Knowles did most of his fishing in highland rivers in Scotland where he was co-owner of the river Mallart that is a tributary to the famous Naver river.
Highland rivers like the Naver and the neighbouring Helmsdale is known for its surface oriented salmon and fishing techniques like dibbling and dabbling has long been favoured methods in these waters.

Derek Knowles book from 1987 gives a fine look into a world of stealthy salmon fishing with thin leaders and small surface flies in Highland rivers

The Yellow Dolly

The Yellow Dolly tied by derek Knowles

It is in these perfect surroundings that Mr. Knowles formed the small surface tube fly named the Yellow Dolly that some of the riffling hitch tubes we used today properly is formulated from.

With a flare of stiff yellow and black hairs the fly has a profile that resembled a tiny doll with a skirt
Derek Knowles tells his readers how the Yellow Dolly can be fished either at dead drift or on the swing across the river – Derek recommend bringing various sizes to the river – and change to a smaller size if the fish rise to the fly without connecting – Tie the Yellow Dolly in ⅝ , ½ and ⅜ inch

Today many European anglers would not think twice when putting on a tiny riffling hitch tube pattern but in the heydays when Derek Knowles designed his tiny waking flies – few European anglers would ever think of going on the surface with their tube-flies.

If you feel inclined to read Derek Knowles fine book on his experience with tiny wake flies, we recommend you to buy: Salmon on a Dry Fly (ISBN 854931558) on where it sometimes can be bought second-hand

Above: The Yellow Dolly from the hands of Derek Knowles. Tied on a ⅝ inch piece of red electrical cord. Best fitted with a small Partridge Outpoint Treble Hook # 16

A very special thanks to Mr. Derek Knowles and Mrs. Susan Howe Digital Director at

John Rohmer dubbing salmon flies

NEW John Rohmer dubbing – made for Euro´ salmon

John Rohmer from Arizona USA supplies all of our dubbing simply because his products is the best material available – This time John has made us 5 NEW colours of Arizona Seal Dubbing – Suited for European salmon patterns…Generous bags of excellent material that has proven to be just the right formula for finicky steelhead in North America as well as sea-trout and salmon here in Europe – see the 17 colours we have in our shop

riffling hitch tails

A NEW batch of tails – is here!

Traps has been set for squirrel all spring * and we now have the perfect selection of small tails from Grey Squirrel, Soft thin hair just right for your riffling hitch flies Get it here

* caught as part of legal pest control in the UK

Riffling Hitch Tube (big) 3,2: 2,0 mm. - 1 meter

The perfect Riffling Hitch tube

We have had this tube produced for years now – It is an unbeaten secret plastic formula that makes the best riffling hitch tubes available: Low memory – Very versatile and will support a range of hooks – Works perfect in cold climate and won’t split like most other tubes will do in cold water… Get it here


Your new Riffling Hitch tube flies for this summer is a: Fishmadman Newsletter offer

Riffling hitch tube fliesTrough the years many of you have asked us to make selection of flies for you – so we decided to set a selection of Riffling Hitch flies on the menu this time. 12 super flies in company with a small range of suitable OWNER hooks
The set comes in two versions: Either with single hooks or a box with treble hooks and they are available with a very favourable Newsletter discount

Get your promotion code here – Use it when you buy in our shop

Discount will last to the end of June 2014

fishmadman competition

As in the earlier years we are proud to invite you to the annual world-wide Fishmadman competition – We will have a nice host of prizes for those who take part – and something extra special for the 2014 winner – Join us here

Fly tying Armando QuazzoFly Tying in Italy

Fly tying is often described as a form of art and fly tiers as artists but fly tying is foremost a craft and as so fly tiers has to learn the skills, techniques, tools and material to get a result.
Ones in a while talented craftsmen write a book on the finesse and details of fly tying  – and this is exactly such a book
Italian angler and fly tier Armando Quazzo has made a very good book on fly tying… Literally so filed with practical and intuitive tricks that I and fellow fly tiers agreed that this book was one of the best books we had seen for decades…
A big chapter on fly tying material is succeeded by an even larger chapter on practical details – The book is finished off with a line of fly patterns from anglers from many countries

Fly Tying il grande libro del costruttore di mosche artificiali By Armando Quazzo is written in Italian and is printed by Edizioni Gea. At 59 € and can be bought from Sedge & Mayfly



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