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  • Upstream sub-fly
  • The 2011 Fishmadman competition
  • Newfoundland trip
  • A small film on a salmon parr I met this summer
  • Last fish of the season

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Upstream sub-fly

Blue Charm Polar bear - A tiny sub fly fished up stream-down full speed

Blue Charm: Probably the most versatile of all salmon patterns. Here dressed with blue polar bear on a tiny # 12 Kamasan B180 hook 

6 weeks of fishing in Northern Norway was a dry experience to this writer! Not so much in terms of dry fly fishing but in terms of weather, as the summer of 2011 followed the trend of the last decade and was particularly dry in some regions in the north. Rivers was showing bone and salmon quickly got wary being locked in the gradually fewer pools available.

Fishing was difficult to say the least – and as it often is with cautious fish in low-water the usual techniques and methods has to be revised, redesigned and reworked.

In the last weeks of the season I had finally unraveled the puzzle to such an extend that I could catch fish on a regular basis… The trick was; tiny sub-flies tied with polar bear. Fished upstream and retrieved fast over the fish – in a head-on collision course.

I only connected with the fish if the fly was fished upstream and retrieved fast over the fish – in a head-on collision course. Fished on a angle was less successful

Salmon in river

Pack of salmon lying motionless in a quiet pool – No action on dry fly …and very difficult to fish on traditional downstream method. Fished with up-stream wet fly retrieved back swiftly might prove to be the answer to a solid take


Farmed salmon from Norwegian river

Dry fly fishing was not available all summer…But for some weeks conditions was excellent. Here Jesper had the dubious honor of catching a 6.5 kg. (14 lb.) super strong salmon on a white Tube Bomber ™…The problem with this fish was that it was an escapee from a salmon farm…Hens the multiple spots and deformity of the back fin, small tail… A fish non grata


FISHMADMAN competition 2011

Terry Byrne Winner of the 2011 Fishmadman competition 
Winner Mr. Terry Byrne with one of his many big Newfoundland salmon 

Thanks too all anglers taking part in our small 2011 sporting event… We hope you will check in to see the stories of some of the people who wrote us – This summer we also got stories on some super landlocked salmon fishing from Newfoundland…We hope to bring you more on this intriguing form of salmon fishing  in the near future. Read what Terry wrote us



Newfoundland trip!

Big Falls on the Lower Humber - Photo Jesper Fohrmann

Like a medieval painting by Pieter Bruegel: Full of small details and characters – The scenery of the majestic valley below Big Falls on the Upper Humber River

This summer The Fishmadman team made a small trip to Newfoundland to see how the fishing was done in the cradle of dry fly fishing – We did so with guide Mr. Bill Bryden from Eureka outdoors – and had some fantastic days of fishing… Timing was not perfect and we came in between the different run of fish: Too early for the big salmon – and too late for the big grills run. but fishing and rivers were staggering. We hope to bring you a full story on Newfoundland when winter is at its worst – and your longing for the riverbanks is at its greatest.

Salmon caught on CDC micro Bomber a Fishmadman fly

A Big Falls grills caught on a Micro CDC Bomber… We will be launching a set of these micro Bombers for 2012 season. Flies to subdue difficult fish in warm water

 New!  We will be making a set of Micro CDC Bombers See them in the shop


The fantastic Exploits River Photo Jesper Fohrmann

The awesome Exploits River: Big as Scandi River Namsen – shallow as the mighty Repparfjord River. Full of fish: The perfect fly fishing destination.

A visit to the Exploit River was a tremendous experience… 50 000 + salmon enter this fantastic fly-fishing river making this a superior destination for dry fly anglers… The river is foreseen to become a river of 100 000 salmon in just a few years. Fishing inquiries for the Exploit River contact Mr. Bill Bryden through Eureka outdoors


Last fish of the season!

Sunray Shadow from Fishmadman

Fish caught on our new… Pearl Blue Sunray Shadow…To be on the FISHMADMAN menu for season 2012 See our Sunray Shadows

Last fish of the season was this 7 kg. (15,5 lb.) the late runner, I caught on the lowest beat on the North Esk river, Scotland in this week of October. The beat is called Kinnaber and is Owned by top salmon angler Mr. Martin Stansfeldt. For further inquiries on fishing on the Kinnaber beat see: FishEsk

New!  On request we will be making a blue version of the Sunray Shadow – It should be in our store for season 2012 – Go to shop



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