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Late season salmon fishing

Dear flyfisher

Winter is moving in on all of us and we hope to make things a bit more entertaining these next dark months by sending a couple of Newsletters on interesting subject that we have been working with in our spare time…

Tight lines from Per & Jesper

The newsletter this time


  • The winner of the FISHMADMAN 2013 competition
  • Our new salmon and steelhead wake flies
  • A newsletter promotion

Winner of the 2013 FISHMADMAN competition

 Loren irving steelhead

Mr. Loren Irving from Bend in Oregon is the winner of our highly sporting fly-fishing event…Mr. Irving had a super steelhead-season this autumn with this dream size “40 x 19” (+ 100 centimetres) as his best fish

The 1930´s Young & Son´s reel had gone into intense screaming when hooking up with this colourful giant on a waked Bomber

Earlier this year Loren kindly shared some of his experience with Fishmadman readers through his story on special steelhead wake-Bombers design on the West coast of Canada

Congratulations from us at FISHMADMAN

Other anglers and fish from 2013

Steelhead top water flies
Vintage fishing tackle specialist Mr. Aaron day from the UK had a fantastic Steelhead week on the Muskegon river in Michigan

Here Aaron’s good friend Steve with another fine steelhead from the Muskegon river

craig Haddock steelhead
Steelhead veteran Craig Haddock also with steelhead from the Muskegon river in Michigan – Craig and friends had + 100 fish for the week Read more

Salmon caught on riffling hitch
Fly Fisherman Mads Hørberg with a big Iceland salmon caught on our V-FLY Hitch fly

Dry fly fishing for salmon in Kongsfjord elv
From the very North of Norway we got a story from top-water angler Håvard Vistnes, fishing the fantastic Kongsfjord River Read his story here

Ian Martin salmon
Ian Martin from North America had some excellent fishing in a warm Gaspe River in the province of Quebec See more of Ian´s beautiful pictures from the Gaspe

Our new salmon and steelhead wake flies

Wake fly on riffling hitch tube

30 NEW wake flies


from $ 3.95

Untitled 6



Tied on our Riffling Hitch tube

from $ 4.95





We have swarms of them

from $ 5.00


A Newsletter special

BOX of SALMON WAKE:RIFFLING HITCH FLIESNow and then we want to present something special to our Newsletter reader – This time we have made a collection of our NEW wake flies –

Proven patterns in colours recommended by guides and hardened anglers.

To the left selection of NEW tiny wake flies that we and friends have tested to work great for salmon – They will pull in the surface with a small wake much like a Riffling Hitch fly – Anglers from British Columbia also found use in these tiny wake flies during late season fishing – often as the fly – to change to – when steelhead had turned on bigger wake patterns

BOX of STEELHEAD WAKE:RIFFLING HITCH PATTERNSTo the right a selection of our NEW steelhead wake flies in size suitable for both slow and turbulent water… In size and colours guides and anglers in BC found to be good

normal prize

$ 59.95

Newsletter prize (in December 2013)

$ 29.95

Offer consist of:  11 flies + box + 5  Japan hooks


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