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Tube flies for costal fishing

Dear flyfisherman

The vision behind Fishmadman is to develop fly fishing for salmon and trout while collecting interesting information and historical benchmarks on our sport.

This time we have the pleasure of showing you some of the latest and one of the oldest fishing lures we have yet seen …

Tight lines Per Jesper

The newsletter this time

  • Series of coastal tube-flies
  • Greenland lure with feather
  • A photo of the man who invented the tube fly
  • A rare glimpse of a favoured snack for salmon and steelhead

Sea trout tube fly

Coastal tube flies

The assortment of trout fly patterns contains 10 well-known Danish sea trout flies, tied on a 1.4-millimeter tube – 5 ps. Owner ST -36 BC hooks in # 14-16 – a piece of PVC-free hook-guard that can be cut to the length you prefer, as well as a strong and practical plastic box from Lawson – Last but not least a detailed description of how you tie an L- RIG *

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Tube fly for coastal sea trout

l-rig-sea trout tube fly

The tube fly a different still water fly
Sea-trout tube fly have been tested and described several times during the development of coastal fly fishing here in Scandinavia but it’s never really become popular. That’s a shame as the tube fly offers fly-fisher a different opportunity to present a fly to the sea trout that can be quite selective in its pursuit of prey. Inshore fishing with fly  and saltwater flies for sea trout is basically the same as we know from put and take fishing in fresh water … where the angler must bring life and movement to the fly –  with a little ingenuity tube flies can easily be shaped to fit into this type of fishing

Difficult to hook
Anyone who has ever tried to fish for sea-trout in rivers, estuaries or in the ocean know that sea-trout can be notoriously difficult to hook and small needle sharp hooks have for generations been the best tool for this difficult job.

The L-RIG may double your hook-up ratio
Small treble hooks are superior for hooking sea-trout  – and the easiest way to exploit this is to replace the traditional single hook flies with a coastal tube fly, which allows the angler to tie on a small treble hook – either fixed or loose.
The loose treble has been the starting point for interesting studies that show that you can increase the amount of hooked sea trout up to 40 – 50% by mounting your hook in a so-called L- RIG *  It’s Jens Bursell, editor of Fisk & Fri, which has developed the L-RIG and On his website you can read more about the L- RIG and how to use it

kyst rør fluer - sea trout fishing




Per Fischer has tested the coastal tube flies on sea-trout – here a typical Danish sea trout caught on a tube zonker fished with an L-RIG

fly tying sea trout flyDo your own sea trout tube fly

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hook Guard fly tying

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Superior dubbing material

Arizona Simi Seal dubbing #32 Golden ShinerTrout fishing techniques

We took the advice from pro-steelheaders in Canada and got the Arizona Semi Seal dubbing from John Rohmer – It proved to be one of the best dubbing materials for coastal sea-trout flies ever – 1000´s of sea trout anglers in Denmark is now using this material exclusively for various sea trout patterns…

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Inuit fishing hook very old fishing hook

Ancient fishing lure

To deceive and catch fish is an ancient and very important part of human evolution – so important that we are to this day still fascinated by and drawn to fishing activities.

When we saw this very early lure from Greenland , we knew that we had to show it to you …

The body is made of parts of a crabs claw or hard shell, the hook is beautifully shaped from a piece of iron … In one end there is still remains of a feather ones tied on … which probably makes it a kind of fly-ish … wouldn’t you say

The tube fly granddaddy

Alexander wanles the firs tube fly

Few people know of the man who invented the tube fly – and in most books it is a woman (Mrs. Morawski) who in the 1940´s worked for a fly tying company in Scotland – who is credited for doing the first tube fly.
However, angler and writer Alexander Wanless from England in the early 30’s designed the first tube-fly – Originally created for fishing with spinning rod – which later turned out so perfect for fly rod .

This year, we finally managed to get a picture of the man behind the tube fly.
For more information on the first tube fly  – Go to

Pandalus borealis salmon and steelhead foodA well-known snack

The North Sea Shrimp, Greenland Shrimp, Northern Scrimp or Pandalus Borealis as it is also called in Latin. Rarely seen in live – live in cold , deep water as you see, it is also coloured red prior to being cooked

Read more about the shrimp that is on the top of menu with salmon in the Atlantic and steelhead  from the Pacific Ocean

Photo of Pandalus Borealis Mr. Niels Sloth Biopix

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