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Hello and welcome to the Fishmadman FAQ page

We take questions you mailed us and make further use of them by posting them here –

Should you have further questions – Do not hesitate to call us

You could do so by visiting our CONTACT PAGE for more information

SHIPPING....Is it expensive to have things shipped from Denmark?

Denmark is not a cheap country to ship items from – But we got a good deal going – and the things we sell from our shop is all lightweight items… We promise you that our P&P prices are low and not beefed up by handling fees – We intend to sell you flies not posting service.

SHIPPING....How long does posting from Denmark to North America take?

Posting to North America does normally take 5 days (that is economy post with Royal Danish Mail) – But sometimes it only takes 2 days – and other parcels has taken a ghastly 14 days to arrive. We are not always in control of these things and we believe that Homeland Security – sometimes opens your parcels to scrutinize the hairy things

Can I get you to make me a order of Tube Bombers in the color I prefer?

Our fly tiers will do special orders – but we need to – take out a sloth – in production to do you flies so we need to have minimum order of 10 dozen of the fly in question..

Will you be able to get me quality hackles for my fly tying?

We are working on it – quality hackles is getting more and more difficult to lay ones hand on.. And we have to get up early to secure products for our flies

Those hares whiskers you use on those Monster Tube Cadddis - How do I get such whiskers...can you sell me some?

We actually already sell some in the Monster Tube Caddis ™ Kit – But we will be able to get you hares whiskers for you – Just write us on this subject. Send to

Can I use some of your beautiful photos for my own homepage?

We normally do not allow that our pictures are used for a any commercial pages other than the pages we approve. Write us with your quest and we will see how we can help you. Send to

If you work for fish conservation or any other NON-profit group – we will be happy to support your quest

Do you arrange fishing trips?

We advice on fishing trips – and will help you and your friends with contact to guides and lodges – Jesper Fohrmann who will do guiding service in Scotland can arrange for fishing on the River North Esk… Inquiries can be Send to

Why do you have dead salmon on your pages?

Fishmadman work with conservation on many different levels and support various conservations organizations that work for wild salmon and trout stocks  around the world – Our main fishing here in Scandinavia is on rivers with a healthy run of salmon and trout – so we do not have second thoughts about taking a salmon to eat –

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