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The first dry fly for salmon

These are some of the earliest descriptions on top water fishing we have found – Flies on picture and the text could point to dry fly fishing for salmon. Maybe not dry fly fishing as according to a reference book on dry fly fishing, but maybe more a form of dabbing, dibbling or even riffling hitch.

This description on top water fishing for salmon might be the first dry fly for salmon another text printed in Farlows catalogue shows how anglers in England with success has implemented dry fly fishing in British waters… It could very well be that their success is down to the fact that they where anglers of a time with  great runs of salmon – and hens better fishing – but it is also highly possible that these anglers just had recognize that salmon in situations during summer is easily caught on the surface.

Enjoy this historic text on dry fly fishing for salmon that might be the earliest of it´s kind  –

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The first dry fly for salmon

A Manual of modern farriery: A popular and practical treatise on the diseases of horses and other domestic animals … with a sporting section and UK game laws

By Thomas Brown (M.P.S.) Published by George Virtue (circa 1846)

the first dry fly for salmon

The first dry fly for salmon

early top water fishing

Historic top water fly

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