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Farlow dry fly series 1910

Dry fly fishing for salmon is originally a North American sport – or is it ? When you read books on salmon fishing you will regularly be told so…. This summer we learned that it might not be the whole truth. The first record of salmon dry fly fishing and exclusively designed flies come from a Farlow 1909 catalog. It is a Mr. Major J.R Fraser that tells the Brits about his fishing with dry fly for Atlantic salmon.

We learned about these interesting facts from Nova Scotia angler Mr. Perry Munro who has a 1910 Farlow catalog in his possession – In fact Farlow printed the story by Major J.R Frazer and produced his series of flies for 10 years, and as it is with our other historic description of dry fly fishing for salmon: Very early dry fly for salmon;  the text indicates that the angler Mr. Fraser, had found that the summer salmon are more than fond of flies in the surface… Reading this you might think that such a thing must have been obvious – but keep in mind that orthodox salmon fly fishing of this epoch was done with a sunken line… An approach to be challenged more than a decade later, by Mr. A.H Wood

Farlow dry fly series 1910

from Farlow catalog 1910

 The text from the Farlow catalog

Farlow catalog 1910

Color plate from the Farlow 1909 catalog showing the dry fly series devised by Major J.R Fraser – If you have a Farlow catalog older than 1909 showing these flies We would like to hear from you: To contact us

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